Firma wyprodukowała, dostarczyła i zainstalowała w szpitalach w całych Chinach ponad 30 tys. plazmowych oczyszczaczy powietrza, z czego ponad 1000 sztuk urządzeń zostało wykorzystanych w szpitalach w WUHAN. Ponad 15 tys. urządzeń zostało zakupionych przez 30 krajów na całym świecie do walki z COVID-19, minimalizując ryzyko krzyżowych zakażeń drogą powietrzną i kropelkową.

Poniżej informacje które otrzymaliśmy od producenta urządzeń na temat współpracy ze szpitalem w WUHAN:

Freshing Contributes Its Full Strength on Fighting against COVID-19 On Feb 2, 2020, good news comes from Wuhan, the epicenter of the COVID-19 epidemic. Huoshenshan Hospital, total construction area of 34,000m2 with 1000 isolation beds, is finished in 10 days! It brings hope to contain the epidemic and cure to patients who unfortunately get infected.

Behind this historic speed, tens of thousands of people are working day and night to grab time from death and also support from various industries home and abroad.

On Jan 2019, 2020, an emergency requisition letter was sent to Freshing for supply of 1000 units of its Plasma Air Sterilizer to be installed in Huoshenshan Hospital.

Following the request, 72 requisition letter sent from different hospitals flushed in with a total request of more than 30,000 units of Plasma Air Sterilizer. As the leading professional air disinfection and purification manufacturer, Laoken had foreseen the demand will highly increase; and therefore, the production line was kept running at its full speed even during the Chinese New Year holidays. However, normally the annual productivity of Plasma Air Sterilizer is around 20,000 units. After urgent board meetings, Freshing decided to stop all the other production lines and all employees were sent to production lines, in the meantime focusing on standard mobile and wall mounted units to reduce the lead time. With the help of local government and partners on funding, spare parts and logistics, less than 3 days, more than 700 units were finished and delivered to Huoshenshan Hospital. On Feb 19, another 1000 units requested be Leishenshan Hospital, the other special hospital built to fight against the virus, were finished. Following the products, a special engineering team was sent to the hospitals for installation and commissioning to make sure all products would work perfectly.